Jung Personality Test

Looking for the best online Jung Personality test? Then you have found it.


Jung Personality Test

PeopleMaps provides the best online Jung personality test for recruiters, line managers and coaches. Use this psychometric test to help you with recruitment, management, coaching and team building. Try it for FREE. Click Here.

The Best Online Personality Test For Recruitment

Here are 5 reasons why PeopleMaps is the best online personality test for recruitment, management and coaching.

  1. It has the fastest questionnaire, so candidates don’t get bored filling it in.
  2. It’s very easy to use, so you don’t need specialist training
  3. Reports are designed specifically for recruitment, so even your most inexperienced interviewer can conduct a meaningful and revealing interview.
  4. It’s a SaaS system so there is no software to install or maintain.
  5. It’s affordable, in fact it’s significantly cheaper than most other professional profilers.

For these reasons and more, we believe PeopleMaps to be the best online personality psychometric test. Over 1.5 million assessments have been completed and 14,500 organisations have a PeopleMaps account already.

Try it for free. It only takes ten minutes to evaluate.

What is a Jung Personality Test

Carl Jung is the Swiss psychologist upon whose research the PeopleMaps personality profiling system is based. Jung published a book in 1925 called “Psychological Types” and it is on this research that PeopleMaps and other systems such as Briggs Myers is based. Often they are used for occupation and career development. PeopleMaps is more interested in leadership than job change.

There isn’t actually a “Jung Personality Test” as such.

PeopleMaps has been pioneering online personality profiling since 2000. There never was a paper based PeopleMaps system, as we prefer to embrace technology to enable us to profiling more effectively. This is why PeopleMaps is the fastest personality questionnaire, taking only 7 minutes, whilst still being incredibly accurate. You can read more at the Best Jung Personality Test and Questionnaire

Use An Online Personality Test To Hire Naturals

Unlike Myers Briggs, PeopleMaps has a range of reports and tools that have been designed specifically for recruitment. Our aim is to help you hire “naturals”.

When people find a work environment that is compatible with their core personality, we would describe them as “naturals”. They can be more productive and generally stay in the job longer. So if you want low staff turnover and high productivity then you should use the PeopleMaps online personality test. The free trial is fully functioning and you will never have to buy anything until you are completely satisfied with the service.

What To Look For When Selecting a Psychometric Personality Test For Recruitment

The chances are you may be looking at a personality psychometric test / assessment for the first time. If so here are some useful tips.

PeopleMaps is Obsessed By Personality Psychology

The key to everything is to understand self and others


The personality questionnaire needs to be quick

People get bored and this affects the results. Ideally you want to keep it to under ten minutes, preferably nearer to five.

Easy for managers to use

Who has time to go away for days on specialist training courses to learn how to use a new recruitment / management tool. Well designed Internet software should be intuitive and easy to use. If you can’t figure it out within ten minutes of clicking about, then it’s too complicated and unlikely to be used by your managers.


Affordable Aptitude Tests

Whether you use using it for recruitment, management or coaching, you need a service that is affordable. Some personality reports can cost upwards of £100 each, however you will not pay anything like that at PeopleMaps, even though the reports are incredibly detailed. In this article, Best Online Aptitide Test and Questions  you can read more abut this.


Mobile Friendly

It is estimated that over 70% of job applicants use their smart phones when job hunting. Let’s face it we use our phones more and more these days so your personality profiling system should also be mobile friendly. PeopleMaps is smart phone friendly.

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Why a Personality Test Should Be One Of Your Pre Employment Checks

One of the applications that PeopleMaps has really developed is in recruitment. There is an old saying “we hire on skill but fire on attitude”. Hiring people is not like buying a photocopier. The human aspect matters just as much as the skill set.

An individual can have all the skills required to do your job but if they do not find your work environment compatible with their core personality, then they will always find it difficult. They will spend a lot of energy just trying to cope with your environment. This is just one of the reasons that PeopleMaps is the best pre employment checks and questionnaire in the UK

This is why PeopleMaps has developed the Work Environment Analyser Tool. It will help you describe your environment and identify people who will find it most compatible. This will not only see you hire the right people for you but it will save you a lot of time. You will be able to spend more time with the most likely candidates.

Personality Reports for Management, Coaching and Team Development

PeopleMaps has three ranges of reports; recruitment, management and coaching. Each report is designed for a specific purpose and is therefore easy to use.

The reports are jargon free and even without any training you can put them to good use right away. You can read more about why PeopleMaps is the best psychometric personality test and questionnaire in the UK

Our personality type affects a lot of our behaviour. Understanding preferred behaviour and how it affects your everyday life is essential if you are to make progress with other people.