Best Jung Personality Test and Questionnaire

Choosing a Online Jung Personality Test

If you are hiring then you could be trying to find a new personality questionnaire.There are several things you should be aware of when hunting for a personality profiling system.

jung personality testIs it a Jung Personality Test ? There are various systems to be had. Some are based on the research of Jung. It is suggested employers select a Jungian system and PeopleMaps is a Carl Jung personality test.

The occupational personality questionnaire ought to be quick. Long personality questionnaires can be boring to people. Be sure the questionnaire takes between 5 and ten minutes to finish.

Don’t think that long questionnaires give better results. Short questionnaires often return better results. Of course the questionnaire has to be designed properly in the first place.

Simple A/B questionnaires are often too simple. Also check that the questions are not blatant. If the questions resemble something you should never agree with, or something all people would agree to, then this is unlikely to be a good questionnaire.

Jung Personality Test for Smartphones

Will it work with mobiles As so many are using smartphones, it is essential that the internet based personality test you pick will work on smartphones. Not many personality systems are mobile friendly.

If you choose to use the system in your selection process then it is vital it is mobile friendly, as many candidates use their mobiles when applying for jobs. If any part of your recruitment process is not mobile friendly, then you could be excluding a lot of of the applicants.

Most profilers are old paper based systems. Paper based questionnaires were never designed for the Internet. You must search for a system that was actually designed for the Internet from the outset.

Is the system easy to use. All profilers should be intuitive and easy to use. If you are required to go on a training course to use the system, then it you may need to keep looking.

Are the reports written in plain English? Personality reports should be easy to read and understand. If they require you to go on a training course , then it’s not a good system.