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You can start profiling candidates right away. Your account only takes a few minutes to configure.

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Start saving money right away as PeopleMaps is the most cost-effective professional profiler available. You will be amazed at how affordable this is.

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Most profilers are written in jargon and force you to go on an expensive training course to use it properly. PeopleMaps is jargon-free and you can start using the reports immediately without any specialist training.

Discover Who Your Candidates Really Are With Interview Pro, The Most Powerful Recruitment Personality Test On The Web


Recruitment can be risky and mistakes cost thousands to rectify. PeopleMaps will help you hire the right people and reduce your staff turnover. Use the personality reports to interview candidates as it contains special questions to ask each candidate, so you will learn more about your candidates.

You Will Be Amazed At How Easy It Is To Use This Personality Profiler


Forget about certification and exams. Forget about time-consuming courses. Start using these personality reports today. Got candidates in for an interview today? No problem. You are ready to go.


Each personality report in the Interview Pro range is written as an Interview Guide, so you can start using it right away to process candidates.

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Decide for yourself how incredibly accurate the reports are. See for yourself why thousands of organisations already use PeopleMaps.


In no time at all, you will be able to decide if PeopleMaps is for you. Discover what your report says about you.

No credit card required
Only takes 5 mins


Exclusively for Recruitment

Want to know with confidence who to hire and who to avoid? Then use Interview Pro as each report will tell you more about the candidate than you could ever imagine.


Interview Guides

Even if the line manager has little experience at interviewing candidates, the Interview Pro report series will make it easy to get excellent results.


Decades of Experience

For over 18 years PeopleMaps has been helping organisations make better recruitment decisions.


1.5 Million

1.5 million individuals have completed the PeopleMaps personality questionnaire. It’s quick and it’s accurate. Try it today for free.

What Does PeopleMaps Online Personality Testing Cost?


Transparent Costs

All costs are explained in detail and you only need to buy report credits. Forget about set up costs or training costs. Just buy a handful of credits and you are good to go.


Great price

It’s extremely cheap to get started, which is why so many businesses like PeopleMaps. Businesses small and large use PeopleMaps. you can too.

Refund Guarantee

As an online provider, we take price in giving you complete peace of mind. if you are unhappy for any reason, you need only request that your money is returned.

Just Buy The Credits You Need

If you only need 5 credits then that’s all you need to buy.


The best thing to do is read your own report and try PeopleMaps for yourself. It only takes a few minutes but it could reduce your recruitment risk and help you hire great staff.


There are several report designs to choose from, so select one that most closely resembles the vacancy you have. You may view samples of the reports for free.


PeopleMaps will configure your account for you and put you on a fast track so that you can be processing candidates within the next few minutes.


Once you login you may access the free quick start training video. You could be processing candidates using Small Business Pro within the next ten minutes. It’s that easy.

No credit card required
Only takes 5 mins

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use PeopleMaps to hire staff?

PeopleMaps is ideal for small and large organisations. Whether you are the owner of a small business or the HR manager of a large organisation, you will enjoy using PeopleMaps to recruit.

What if I don't like it?

PeopleMaps will refund your money if you are unhappy for any reason, that’s how confident we are that you will love using PeopleMaps.Not sure if other professional profilers offer the same.

How does PeopleMaps compare with other systems?

PeopleMaps often comes up against SHL, DISC and TI. However, we believe you will find PeopleMaps quicker and easier to use than any other professional profiling system. You will also like the price and low start up cost.

What if i need more than 5 reports?

PeopleMaps is very flexible and will customise for you. Please just make your request and it will be arranged. Naturally, larger pack sizes encourage more discounting.

Do I need to be trained to use it?

PeopleMaps is really easy to use so no training is required. Most professional profilers are written in jargon and require interpretation, which demands training. PeopleMaps is different. Reports are in plain English. No interpretation is required.

Why is PeopleMaps so cheap?

PeopleMaps does not employ a lot of expensive trainers on salary, so we can pass on those savings to you. As an online business PeopleMaps enjoys a low-cost base which means that you get great products at a low price.

No credit card required

Only takes 5 mins